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     Dalian Sengang Machinery Blade Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture, founded in 1998, the company's "Sengang" brand has become China and the world in many countries high-end woodworking machinery blade brand representatives, is now Liaoning Province outstanding foreign-invested enterprises. China Forestry Machinery Association unit of enterprises.
     Dalian Sengang Machinery Blade Co., Ltd. mainly produces and manages all kinds of woodworking industry, paper industry, steelmaking and other mechanical blades. Such as: plywood rotary knife, knife folder body, planing knife, chopsticks health, all kinds of cutting knives and pressure feet; all kinds of paper cutters, shaving knife; cold-rolled, hot- The newly developed anti-"blue stain" planing cutter for vertical planing machine adopts the unique technology and material to achieve the problem of "blue stain" in the process of planing and is praised by domestic and foreign customers.
     In order to ensure the quality of our products, our company has high-tech blade rolling production line at home and abroad, adopting international advanced blade processing technology and heat treatment processing technology. The material is made of high-quality steel at home and abroad, providing high-quality and stable products to domestic and foreign customers. With reasonable price, prompt delivery and good after-sales service, the company has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers. The products not only occupy the Chinese market widely, but also have been exported to many countries and regions in the United States, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.
     The company's belief is "quality is the life of the enterprise, the customer is the blood of the enterprise," the company dedicated to domestic and foreign customers world-class products, first-class service, welcome customers to order. Let us together hold up a business to the world.