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Suitable for the production and processing shearing machine blade four kinds of material

Shear blade material is very important for the production of shearing process, a variety of high-hardness high-speed steel in ordinary high-speed steel by adding some alloying elements, such as Si, Cr, Mo and other elements, its anti-fatigue, heat resistance, Damage has been further improved.
        A: 9CrSi shears blades, the hardness at room temperature up to 67 ~ 69HRC, 600 degrees hardness reached 54 ~ 55HRC, shear performance and high-speed steel quite T8, performance better than the T8, but the price is slightly higher, the production of shearing machine The allowable cutting speed of the knife is 1.67m / s. Because Cr is rich, its production and processing is more complex, overheating sensitivity is strong, oxidation decarburization is larger, and the heat treatment range should be mastered when using.
        Second: 6CrW2Si shears blades, the price is higher than 9CrSi, high-speed steel by adding W can improve the thermal stability of the material, room temperature and high temperature hardness and oxidation resistance. Can be made of imported stainless steel cut.
        Three: Cr12MoV shears blade, compared with Cr12 steel low carbon content, and adding the appropriate amount of Mo and V carbide heterogeneity has improved.Mo can reduce carbide segregation and improve hardenability, V can refine the grain Increase toughness and wear resistance .Cr12MoV steel has high hardenability, cross-section can be fully hardened 400mm below the 300-400 ° C can still maintain good hardness and wear resistance than Cr12 steel has high toughness, quenching Small volume changes, but also a high wear resistance and good overall mechanical properties. Suitable for the manufacture of larger loads, higher working temperature of all kinds of knives, molds.
        Four: H13 shears blade, H13 (4Cr5MoSiV1) that the United States steel H13, has a high thermal strength and hot hardness in the temperature conditions have good toughness, thermal fatigue properties and a certain degree of wear resistance. Therefore, the price High, suitable for the manufacture of various kinds of knives for punching, rolling and slitting, medium and heavy plates, which are obviously superior to other materials such as 6CrW2Si when cutting 5-15mm stainless steel or 5-25 plain and low alloy plates, Is a very wide range of materials.